Chantel and David Secret Engagements

What started out as portraits became an engagement shoot when I found out that they were secretly engaged and had plans to elope. I first recommended that we grab what was left of the maple tree color near the waterfront Ivars. So much color and energy! We then walked across the street to the abandoned Seattle Trolly tracks and leafless trees lining them. A black and white rendering with the trees behind make for a striking composition. Train tracks can be a cliche, but it can be done tastefully with a telephoto and use of urban features such as passerbys and cars to integrate the couple into a scene. We hopped in the car and drove up to Pike Place Market. They were out-of-towners and it doesn't get more Seattle than this. Chantel is a Starbucks employee so we had to stop by the first-ever Starbucks location in the market. Back in the car, we drove just a little north to the Olympic Sculpture Park on the waterfront, one of my favorte Seattle areas with so many diverse photographic opportunities. At the top of those stairs is a perch that overlooks the street and, when shot from the side looking East, lends to a great composition to include the Space Needle and surrounding buildings around the couple. It's a neat juxtaposition! We did some final shots at this location on the stairs then drove for final shots at the famous Kerry Park to catch some of the last light of the day. Congratulations to such nice and fun people. I had a great time guys!