Annie and Jason at the Bellevue Club

Annie and Jason were one of the first weddings at The Bellevue Club's newly-renovated Olympic Room in late 2010. They set up an awesome backdrop for their ceremony and chose a cool purple glow to illuminate the fabric which contrasted quite well with the brown/orange wood paneling of the room. The room was partitioned down the middle and Annie entered with her father through a door at the center.

After the ceremony, the guests moved out into the lounge area near the restaurant while the Club staff turned over the ceremony room and removed the partition. The bride and room's table was situated on the same platform. Everyone enjoyed the food, the cupcakes and Bamboo Beats kept the music going until Annie and Jason retired to their suite upstairs.


Venue / Bellevue Club
Photographer / Affinity Photography
DJMC / Bamboo Beats