Liz and Kaushik Marry at Fairview Park

Colorful and unique details, blue skies with puffy clouds, an outdoor city park on the waterfront and a couple of happy newlyweds made this a memorable one. Liz started her day at the Watertown Hotel where she got her hair, makeup and dress perfected before heading down to the Fairview Park. Her dad met her at the top of the stairs and walked her through the woods down to the park and up to meet Kaushik surrounded by both families and their friends. 

Liz and planner Tamara Anderson put a ton of time into the details. Lanterns were hanging in the trees, painted balls were strung up at the Yacht Club reception site and they had a very interesting canvas at the entrance where guests inked their fingers and stamped a feather on a peacock painting. Mike's Amazing Cakes delivered a simple yet elegant cake with a kick of Indian flair. 

During the reception, all of the guests honored the new couple with a fun dance on the main floor which then opened up to a massive dancing scene. At the conclusion of the night, the guests showered them with sparklers on the dock. 


Venue / Fairview Park / Yacht Club
Planners / Tamara Anderson
Photographers / Affinity Photography
Hair & Makeup / Yessie Makeup Artistry
Cake / Mike's Amazing Cakes
DJMC / Vinit Jain
Rentals / A Tailored Affair